Books for the Bobbin #3

"La la la la li" comes the call and Ping and his family have to come running and board the boat with the wise eyes on the yellow waters of the Yangtze river.

I remember being read this book so many times.

The last duck to board the boat at the end of the day gets a spank on his tail. One day Ping is the last duck but in stead of going on the boat he hides and has a few adventures before deciding that home is the best place for him.

Its a good book to introduce different cultures as well. I learnt about the Yangtze river and children that live on houseboats. And people who eat ducks!

In one part, Ping puts his beak under his wing to go to sleep. This became a way I would sit on my mums lap. With my "beak" under her "wing." I felt very safe there.

What is really nice about this book is that Ping knows that he has a home and that it is a safe place. The world is a scary place for a little duck and although there is the threat of discipline at home he will not get eaten there. Its the same for children and I guess adults too. While the wide world is a nice place to explore for a while it is always nice to have somewhere to come home to and see the people you love no matter how boring it may be.

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