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There are lots of things that change when you have a little one inside.

I found out about my little one on a church youth camp.
It was day two and I hadn't had a visit from Aunt Flo in 37 days. It was a Tuesday.
Its tricky to get your hopes up but not get your hopes up.
We were not going to be home till Friday.

We decided to purchase a test.

I felt whole new level of shopping centre awkwardness akin to buying condoms or tampons. As I signed my name on the credit card slip I made sure the girl serving me would see my wedding ring and not assume I was some reckless teen caught in a bad situation.

It was not really at all like preg tests on movies. There was not nearly as much tension in the air. Myles was sitting on the couch knitting. Teens were running round outside. I was trying to get him to show a little more enthusiasm. I think he was trying not to get his hopes up.

And there on the test was a second line. A very faint line but a line all the same. I scoured the internet for the meaning of a faint line and was assured that any line at all was enough.

Well... there it was. It had happened. It was done.

Well the first part anyway. I did some calculations and figured out I am 4 weeks in. The due date is the 18th of March 2010. An autumn baby.

And now there are things to consider. I cant do or eat anything I want anymore. The main ones seem to be.

No alcohol - which I have been doing the last few months just in case.

No gross food - That means anything raw or slightly uncooked. (No sushi or sashimi) No soft cheese, no uncooked deli meats or cold chicken, no salad that has been sitting around for a while. etc

Folic acid is good! - Folic acid prevents spina-bifida. I remember one of my good friends telling me in high school that if all women took folic acid when pregnant, spina-bifida would cease to exist. Its good stuff.

Sprouts are OUT - This is ok. I dont really eat sprouts.

30c cones are the very devil - apparently because the dodgy maccas staff dont clean the soft serve machines very often there is a bacteria within the pigfat that hates babies. This is one thing I shall have to put up with. Probably for the best.

Im sure there are many others I will hear about in the coming months. I'm sure there will be a flood of suggestion once this all becomes public knowledge. But I guess that is all a part of the sisterhood.

What are women for if not to tell other women how to live/work/bring up children/husbands/parents?

So far I am feeling really good. I have a slight slight nausea sometimes. And a bit of a strong sense of smell. The strange thing is that I have had these same symptoms for the last few months right before I found out I wasn't pregnant and they are much less this time. I feel pretty hungry right after I eat but that might just be the camp food. They say only 50% of women will experience nausea during pregnancy so maybe I'm part of the other half. The lucky half? Or maybe its all waiting for me tomorrow?

It's all a bit of a daunting process. The little one is about the size of a sesame seed at the moment but God willing will grow into a little baby and then a person and then an adult! And I will be it's mama.

This is very exciting.

I love my little sesame seed already.

Image credit: Flickr user Vige "Soft Serve (Brooklyn, NY)

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