Count your blessings

10:56 PM

I am a very blessed little girly.

I thought it would be important to think of all the things that are sweet and lovely about my life right now. To remember all the wonderful things God has given me.

So here they are. In no particular order.

#1 I am loved, saved, forgiven by The one and only God.

#2 I have a husband who adores me.

#3 I have a family who aren't unusually messed up. Who love me and support me. I know them and they know me.

#4 I have a sweet little one who is growing inside me and filling me with joy.

#5 I have a fabulous job as a nanny that goes right up until Feburary. (The little one is due mid-March.)

#6 We recently moved into my sister and brother in laws house (not with them, they moved out) which has an extra room. There is no way we would have fit the three of us in our old house.

#7 I live in a country where my baby will most likely be fine. I live 5 mins drive from the hospital we hope to give birth in.

7 is a holy number. Lets leave it there.

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