Dr. Who?

8:45 PM

I went for my first dr/baby appointment this morning.
It made me more excited for my little one.

I felt really proud as my doctor went through all the things to consider and I had already thought of most of them already. (Food not to eat etc.)

She checked my temperature and blood pressure. Slightly high on both counts. (She didn't say this was a major issue.) She gave me a whole lot of pamphlets. I like pamphlets. They are full of information on things like where we are going to have the baby, antenatal classes and things like that. It makes it all very real.

We got a pamphlet on all the pre-birth tests that you can have. There are so many. Not just ultrasounds. I have heard of a few before such as the nuchal translucency test and amniocentesis. They are to see if your baby has abnormalities. I don't think I want these tests. Not unless the little one can be fixed or helped by the knowledge. I'd like to hear more opinions on this though. The book I am reading on gentle mothering says to not even get an ultrasound. I think maybe the author is a bit over the top. She seems to be overly cautious about most things but I think it is because she wants her births to be completely natural.

I had a blood test to make sure I've got enough iron etc. I was feeling really emotional this morning. Like really emotional.
Actually last night is when it started. I was coming back from nannying and picking Myles up from our house to go to bible study. I gave him a quick call to let him know I was there and he could come out. I think he took about five minutes but in those five minutes I began to get really angry. Like not usual angry at all. In fact, previously I doubt I would have cared about this at all. Well.. im going to blame it on being pregnant anyway.

So because I was so emotional, just before the lady jabbed me for the test I asked her if I could get Myles. I'm not sure why he was sitting outside anyway because he came to see the Doctor with me. So he came and held my hand and it was ok.

This morning I had a very scratchy throat. The kind of throat that makes you cough and when you cough, feel like vomiting. Fun stuff. I'm not sure if its a pregnant thing or a flu thing but I'm starting to wear. I'm getting tired and my throat is all scratchy. It makes me all very emotional at times. But its weird because I understand that I'm just being emotional and that its not a true emotion?!

Dr said to keep the fluids up so I will do so.

I've been very blessed with very little nausea so far. I can thank my little one for not making her mama so sick and I hope it continues!

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