Excuse me Mr Librarian

Today I went to the library in search of some books about (you guessed it) babies.
What i found was mildly disappointing.

There on dewy decimal section 618 was a mere half shelf full of books. I think I was expecting a few more. I scoured the shelf for titles such as "Ina May's guide to childbirth" and Kaz Cookes "Up the Duff", books I had heard of, but none were there. There was not even a copy of the dreaded "What to expect when you're expecting."

So I settled on two titles.

"Gentle birth, gentle Mothering" by Sarah Buckley
It has a foreword by Ina May Gaskin


"Pregnancy; Questions and Answers."

So far the Q&A book has been really interesting. I was reading it with Myles and he had a few eye-pop-at-the-diagram moments.

I'll have to read the other one and see how it goes.
Meanwhile I will be looking for more titles. In a world of so many pregnancy books how can I choose a good one?

Aaaand.. after telling me that I had lots of overdue fines the Mr Library man glanced down at my books then up at me and I saw a little smirky smile on his face.


Image Credit: New York Public Library

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