My day.

I have had a really lovely day. The sun was shining and all was well.

I started my morning with Job Number 2 (or is it 1?) looking after kids from my church while their mums have their mothers group.
I recently read an article that was about old fashioned play and how children nowadays have so many toys that it limits their imaginations. Gone are the days when children will be satisfied to play Cowboys and Indians with sticks and things, now they have specially crafted toys to fit with any possible game they play. Even though most children are not allowed to watch the star wars movies, they know all about Luke and Darth Vader and may have light saber toys and Star Wars Lego to play with.

So today I decided to encourage the kids to play not with the toys but with their imaginations. It was fantastic. We had knights being chased by dragons and saving damsels in distress, pirates finding buried treasure, astronauts going to the moon and meeting a funny alien and everything in between. The little kids were so imaginative. They roared with laughter, ran around and didn't get bored one bit.

The best bit however was when we went outside to play with some soccer balls. The game of soccer lasted about five minutes until my brother (who does it with me) got the ball and shoved it up his shirt. He then began to chase the kids around with his crazy "baby" belly. They loved it and also wanted a go. Next minute one four year old had the ball up his top.

"My baby is going to kill everyone." He said.

It was hilarious.

Then after that I got to help my sister-to-be buy her wedding dress. That was absolutely lovely and a pleasure to do. I am so excited about them getting married. They came over for a lovely lunch and have now gone home.

I bought the little one a first present. It is a little orange (non gender specific?) blanket. I think it is lovely. It has bobbles on it. I felt like buying something. I'm just that kinda gal.

Now, onto the picture at the top. This is the album of the basement birds. Myles bought me tickets to go and see their concert. This is very exciting. The Basement birds are a band made up of lots of different male singers from other bands/solo acts who sing in four part harmony. Its really nice. I have such a wonderful husband. This is our 18 month anniversary (which is tomorrow) present.

Lovely day.

I'm about to cook Chicken and Leek stroganoff, watch valentines day and listen to the basement birds cd. (Although not at the same time.)


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