Oh my you are SO young!

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I have always loved babies.
Really. I think that they are the bees very knees.

I have always imagined children in my life.
Lots of them. Running round, playing, laughing, smiling.

I met my lovely husband Myles in 2006 when we were the sweet young age of seventeen. He fast became one of my best friends. We could talk about pretty much anything. We would have long conversations in stead of studying for our exams and maybe once or twice he helped me with my maths.

After a long year of the HSC we decided we liked each other more than just a bit. Myles had taken me to my year 12 graduation and he was nothing but a gentleman.

We got engaged in July 2008 and married in January 2009. Exactly 6 months later.

We both love kids and always knew we would have a bucket load of them. The question of course remained "when?"

Earlier this year we found out some news that meant it might be really hard for us to get pregnant. It came as a bit of an unexpected shock. I kept wondering what Gods plan in all of this was. Did he not want us to have kids ever? Did He want us to wait?

So we prayed and prayed that Gods will would be done and decided to stop trying to not get pregnant.

Low and behold it only took a few months and here we are.

We are reminded that God is mighty and in control. His will be done.

So yes we are very young and most likely could have waited a few years and still been young to have babies but its happening to us now. I dont feel totally incompetent, in fact I have always been interested in babies and have quite a wide knowledge of the theory of having babies.

We have supportive family that love us and I have a wonderful husband and best friend who will never stop looking after our family.

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  1. I had my first at 21 and am currently pregnant with number 2. I will have 2 under 2 before I am 24 and I wouldn't have it any other way =]


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