The first food shop.

11:53 AM

Myles and I went food shopping for the first time since finding out about our little one.
Not an unusual thing to do at all. We usually go to the coles that is just up the road.

Now I have a guilty pleasure. Finger buns. Iced finger buns with hundreds and thousands and creamy white or pink icing. There is a bakers delight right next to coles that sells the best finger buns around. They are so soft and creamy and yummy. I will often get one as a special treat when Myles and I go shopping. They are a guilty pleasure as I'm sure they have more than a few calories inside and probably more sugar than a can of coke. But I love them.

That was until I went food shopping for the first time since finding out about our little one.
One look at those buns and I began to feel queasy. I felt the bile rise in my throat. I had to look away. The very sight of the buns let alone the thought of actually putting one in my mouth made me sick to my stomach.

These blessed buns I fear will be off the shopping list for the next 8 or so months alas.
Its probably for the best. I don't want my little one getting high on the sugar and going psycho in my belly. If that is even possible??
I think the idea is to eat healthy food while pregnant so maybe its my body telling me to hold off on the sweet stuff.

Its interesting to think about food cravings. I am always craving one food or another. Myles said to me yesterday that just because you are pregnant doesn't mean you have to crave food or eat like a pig. I think I'm just excited.

Hmm. When they do come I guess I will know. Mum said she craved spicy food when she had me. I think I will be the same. I definitely like spicy food. We shall soon see.

Image credit : Bakers delight homepage.

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