Baby Flicks - Away We Go

4:57 PM

This is a film about belonging.

Verona and Burt are having a baby. They see themselves as irresponsible f---ups. But they want to love their little baby and find the perfect place to bring her up. Their parents have decided to move across the country one month before their baby is due so they decide to go on a road trip to find the perfect place with the perfect friends.

Hilarity ensues.

They visit several friends from their past who are all a different kind of messed up.
The definition of a dysfunctional family is one with more than one member.

This movie has a cute quirkiness that I really adore. Verona and Burt are pretty bohemian and seem to have a deep love for each other. They may not be so organised at everything and don't own a house but they love each other and seem to genuinely have fun together. They get horrified at parenting styles together. They go help people together.

Maybe they do things together too much? I think their love is really special and cute but maybe part of life is letting messed up people in. Being able to do life together with other people is a pretty precious thing. Verona and Burt leave each place with things they didn't like about each family in stead of staying because of the good things.

Weighing up the good and the bad its a pretty sweet movie. Pretty sweet soundtrack too.

The baby never makes an appearance so I guess it's not technically a baby movie but that's ok.


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