Baby Flicks - Father of the Bride Part 2

This is a weird baby movie.

The sequel to (unsurprisingly) Father of the Bride in which Steve Martins character narrates the wedding of his one and only daughter. Its pretty funny. There is a crazy French?? man named Fraaank not Frank, swans and a lot of money.

In number two the daughter gets pregnant. But that's not all. The mother, Steves wife gets pregnant too. She thought it was just menopause. So the mother daughter team go about their pregnancies together with the help of Fraaaaaaank creating beautiful baby things wherever he goes.

We watched both movies the night before I got married. Mum, Dad, sister, brother, brother in law and soontobesisterinlaw. Everyone thought the dad was a little bit like my dad. Not sure why we watched the second one but I wasn't going to go to bed early so it didn't really matter.

I guess the movie is pretty cute but it would be pretty odd growing up with an uncle or aunt who is younger than you or having a sister that is younger than your own child. I guess its do-able and I'm sure its been done.

I love these movies though. They are set from the viewpoint of the dad as he worries about all the things that Dads worry about most notably money. He gets cranky and crazy but at the end of the day all that matters is that his family are safe and happy.

The funny thing about this movie is how quickly time goes. Its kinda obvious as a movie cant really be longer than about 2 hours but from the first news to the delivery room time goes like a whiz. There seems to be no long wait, no time between doctors appointments and no time to just get on with life. The ultrasounds are beautiful. (Not at all like mine) And bellies develop in an instant. Its all very nice but not very real. But I guess a real movie might shock people away from ever wanting to have a baby.
And that baby when it gets born??? no way its a newborn. It looks about 3 years old (slight exaggeration.)

Altogether a nice nice movie. Good for a laugh.

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