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For Keeps is one of the original teen preggo movies. Set in the days of Degrassi Jr High it tells the story of Darcy and Stan, two lovers in their senior year at school.

They have been accepted into college and have bright and shiny futures ahead of them. But one dark and stormy night they do it... and get pregnant.

Both sets of parents are less than chuffed at the news of their new grandchild and Darcy's mother books an abortion for her. However, Darcy can not go through with it. She and Stan agree to raise the baby even if it means they will have no support from their family, no college and boring jobs.

The life they lead seems to not be as bad as it definitely could be but they do have their share of troubles. It is a movie after all. Although slightly unrealistic this movie made me think of all the anxiety that comes with bringing a new life into the world. Whether you are old or young, rich or poor, married or trying to finish high school having a baby is a bit of a scary thing.

Things change and parts of life end never to be recovered. Darcy types;

"When they ripped my baby out of me it felt like they were ripping all the things I love about being young away too."

This movie deals with a lot of the scary issues that go with having a baby and having responsibility. It is no longer possible to think only of yourself. It talks about Post-partum depression but gives a somewhat limited perspective on it. It shows the relationship strain that can come from having a baby.

(Oh dear. Babies are starting to sound like the most awful thing in the world!)


It is also about love. That to give up things and to endure hardship is not the worst thing in the world when you do it for someone you love. And that is why I like it.

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