Friday Date - Basement Birds


It was the little ones first ever concert. It was amazing.

Myl had bought us the tickets as an 18 month wedding anniversary present quite a while ago and since then we have had the basement birds cd on repeat. They were really good.

I quite enjoyed having four acoustic guitars onstage at the same time playing almost the same thing but totally getting away with it.

We arrived in the city with plenty of time and were at the very start of the line. Then we waited, and waited. A big burly bouncer came to the front of the door and told us it was almost time to come in and that we should all line up... on the OTHER side of the door. All of a sudden hordes of people started making a line and we kept getting pushed back further and further.

We were still in the first 1/3 of people in the line. But no longer first. That hurt.

Nevertheless we got pretty good "seats." It was standing room only but there were some steps you could sit on. I was getting a little worried as I've heard that pregnant ladies are likely to faint if standing for long periods of time. I had my Myl to lean on though.

The basement birds played every song they knew. At the end of the encore they said not to ask them to play more as they didn't know anything else.

Old Man River was the support act although I think he is slightly more famous than the birds. He was great as well.

Myles and I had a great time singing and dancing along.

A great date.

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