Ikea date and a gift for the bobbin.

Myl and I have decided to do weekly Friday arvo dates.

We went to a marriage course at college the other week and we learnt that it is so important to give time to each other. It's gotten harder this half of the year as Myl is out in the mornings and I'm out in the afternoons but we managed to find a slot to have our "date night" or date afternoon.

So far we had a failed trip to the rocks (it was much too cold so we went to Glebe instead) and a trip to Ikea today.

May not sound like the most exciting thing ever but if you've seen 500 Days of Summer you will know what I mean. The trip is made even more exciting by the ability to not only look and swoon at the children/baby section but to actually be able to consider things there.

So we looked and oohed and ahhed. And we got the little bobbin a present. Its called the Fabler bed canopy and it was $29.99.

Its really cute and has bunting round the top and little coloured beads around on the mesh. They had it on display and I was thinking of tucking the little one into bed at night and closing the little curtains.

Actually the whole Fabler series is pretty cute. They have soft toys and wall stickers and blankets etc.

Might be back.

It was a nice date for Myl and I. We got some Swedish meatballs at the restaurant and Myl ate a hideous $1 hot-dog. (Thank heavens I can't eat them.)

It might be tricky to have date night once the little one comes along. Or date afternoon. It might need to be date-while-baby-has-a-nap for a while but that's ok. We're having a pretty good time at the moment.

Hmm... where to next week?

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