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So, when I found out I was pregnant pretty much everything changed in an instant.
I no longer have to make that decision to go or not go back to uni its been made for me.
I get to think about baby things, I stop eating bad baby food, I work hard at making my body a safe place. I start thinking about names, tests, hospitals etc.

There was a lot to think about for the fist few weeks.

But now?

I stare down the 7 or so months ahead. Sure there's a lot that is going to happen. I will turn into a whale, buy lots of baby things etc but...

Life Goes On.

I'm still working, cleaning and doing the groceries. There's still a lot of time left that needs to be filled with non baby things. Most people don't even know about the little one. I'm finding it hard to write blog posts as there really isn't much that changes from week to week yet. My belly is still reasonably flat (or at least as "flat" as it was before). I don't even have weird nausea stories.

But I have faith it will get interesting. When the little one makes an appearance I'm sure I will have no time at all to blog.

But for now I shall just have to be content with the everyday humdrum of regular life.

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