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On Saturday Myl and I went to the birth centre at RPA to meet a midwife and have a tour of the place.

It was pretty exciting to be there. We got to meet a few other parents to be who were on the tour with us and learn a bit about what happens in the birth centre.
It would be really nice to have the little one there but there are so many things that can happen that mean I will need to go to the delivery ward next door.

It was pretty amazing to be in the room where it all could happen. There were two other women in labour at the time and although we couldn't hear them at all it was a nice thought that little lives were starting all around us.

The midwife spoke about choosing your birth partner. Its definitely going to be Myl but she said you can have as many people in the room as you want. I think I would just like Myl for most of the time but it might be nice to have my midwife mumma in there for a bit. It could be a very long time. See how I go on the day.

I'm so glad we went and figured out where the place is as on the way there we got a bit lost and ended up in a staff only section of the hospital?!?!
It's so close to our house that the closest parking is almost at our house.

Next step - midwife appointment and ultrasound at 19 weeks!

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