Dressed for Power

10:30 AM

I've been going to womens convention for about five years.
Each time it is really wonderful to hear from amazing women of God about
our Lord and how to live in response to what He has done.

This year four generations of my family went. My nana, my mum, me and the little one.

It was really nice to spend time with women in my family whom I admire and look up to.
There is such a wealth of experience there and so much love.

What did I learn?

- As a woman and child of God my power comes from God.
- He creates in us a desire to love others in this world.
- He looks after us. He is great, glorious, good and gracious so that I don't have to be in control.
- He says good things in our lives so we can trust him.
- He is powerful in our times of struggle and need.
- His love in us shines to all the world.
- He treats our actions seriously and has dealt with them.

It is great to sit in a big shed with 1000 women all from different walks of life and know that God loves us all.

That he is in control of us all.

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