please pray

I just found out that one of the little kiddos I nanny for has a thing called slap face.
No, its not worth calling Docs over. Its a flu like virus that gives you a big ole rash on the cheeks. Looking a bit like a slap.

It usually doesn't affect adults unless of course you have a small one inside.
Which I do.

It's unlikely that anything will happen. I think its about 5% but if it does the little one could have sever anemia. And that's not good.

So I'm going to get a blood test and if its +ve I need to be closely monitored = not a lot of fun.

So please pray (if that's what you do) that there would be nothing wrong.
And pray that my mister and I would not be so worried.

I'm already all worried that my belly is not big enough, baby isnt there/growing/alive etc.
Silly things I know but they are still worries.

Thanks all. I will keep you posted.

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  1. praying for you rinny. i'm sure you will both be fine but it's no fun being worried.

    and for what it's worth i think you a growing a beautiful little belly! you will feel little butterflies flapping around in there soon :)

    love love love love nic

  2. oh thanks nic.
    mm i think other peoples baby blogs can be a blessing and a curse. I keep comparing myself to others.

    looking forward to the butterflies.
    going to have a blood test this arvo so i hope all will be well.



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