Start of Week 14

Dear little one,

Your mama has been a bit sick this week.
It has been a bit yucky but it's ok
because it's all for you.
We heard your heartbeat this week with
a stethescope. The whole family wanted
to listen. Some could hear you some couldn't.
I think I'm starting to get a little belly where 
your home is. It's a little exciting.
Keep on growing little one.
Can't wait to hold you.

love mama


  1. Almost out of the danger zone! By next week, your chances of having a miscarriage will be less than 1%. I found that SO reassuring when I was at that point.

  2. Yes it is a very reassuring thought.

    I am always reminded of the fragility of human life. I guess I will never stop truly fearing for this little one as long as he/she lives.


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