crafty birthday to you

Now I know it was my birthday a while ago...

Yikes it was a month ago today!

But I got given a Myer gift card and since Myer is right down there in the big city I hadn't been yet.
But yesterday after I finished work Myles and I had a spontaneous date to go to Myer.

Romantic no?

I had in my mind what I wanted to get and there it was on sale for 35% off!

This is the meet me at mikes book. It rocks my socks.
Its super trendy craft things.

There is a project in there to make some little baby shoes.

Im going to make them tonight.

It was so discounted that I could buy a whole other book with my voucher.

So I go this one.

They are softies.

They are super duper cute.

I'm going to make some for the little one.

Myles like the pink alien on the cover. I think I will make it first.

Just need to take a trip to Spotlight.

After our romantic time at Myer we went to one of our favourite places to eat.
Pancakes at the Rocks.

It was very good.
Little bobbin agreed.


  1. Happy Belated Birthday! Meet me at Mikes book is my super favourite too, did you know that I'm in that book : ) I was very excited to be asked to part of such a great book.

    Now, I can't wait to get my hands on the second book which is due out this coming week I think. I've already had a sneek peak at it and I'm telling ya, it is heaven!!!

  2. You use language in an interesting way Erin. A crafty life is a life well lived.

  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by to check out my sylvanian collection (I'm considering getting another tomorrow - weird?) Glad you like that Softies book as I designed it!

  4. Clairsy - wow that is the coolest. I had a peek for your name in the book and found it at the back.

    I am such a fan.

    Those Sylvanians are cute. Maybe too many and it gets freaky but I love the little shelf setup you have.

    Angela - I found your name too. Those bag bags are such a good idea. I whipped one up when I moved into my first place and it is so helpful.

    Oooh yes the 2nd one looks exciting. Did you put anything in it?


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