Dear little one...

1:38 PM
Oh baby I have been so worried about you.
I'm getting into paranoid mama mode
and keep imagining scary things.
we got to hear your heartbeat again
and the midwife said it was perfect!
That's you! Perfect!
I hope you are having a fun old time
swimming away inside there.
Prepare yourself because we are going
to take a peep at you next week.
Cant wait to see you in black and white!

love Mama


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  1. Aw.
    I have a feeling your little one will be okay! :)

  2. Thanks Jess.

    I think little bobbin is in good hands. It will be ok whatever happens.

    I can't imagine how scary it must be sometimes for you and Elliot. It's so amazing that the doctors will know just what to do when he is born and that he will be ok too!

  3. Right before every doctors appointment I go into paranoid momma mode, too. It is hard not to worry about our little ones... But I think when it comes down to it, they are a lot tougher than we could imagine. : )


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