How far along? 18 weeks
Baby’s Size: 20 cm long and 310 grams. How sweet.
Total Weight Gain: Same as last week. Waiting for the poundage to pack.
Maternity Clothes: cant fit into my regular shorts anymore :( Bring on the stretchy waistband.
Gender: No idea.
Movement: I am hoping it will be soon!
Sleep: Good when I get there. I keep staying up excited about baby.
Symptoms: Belly button is becoming an outie.
Best Moments this week: making some crafty presents for the little one.
Food Aversions: Don't especially feel like much sweet stuff.
Food Cravings: Not really. Roast potatoes? Honey chicken. same old.
What I miss: nothing this week.
What I am Looking forward to: The itsa party/Myl being on hols.
Milestones: Baby has hair (lanugo) all over its body. So yes it has a beard.
Awesome fact about little one: When I walk around all day I'm rocking ole sweet cheeks to sleep. It's wake up time when I lie down to go to sleep.

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