Introducing the cutest little nose in the family.

Sorry to keep you waiting.

Here is the little one.

Everything is well. All bits and pieces are where they should be and the little one is growing and moving and being very cute.

I had a much nicer ultrasound experience than the last one. No crazy bladder pains and a very friendly technician.

They had a sign in the waiting room that said only one visitor allowed which was a bit of a problem as both my Mum and Myl had come to see the show. But the friendly man let them both in as long as they stayed quiet.

It was so wonderful to see the little one on the screen at long last. No longer was there a blobby duck but fingers and toes and a little face and backbone.

I think the most precious thing was seeing the hands and feet. Little one gave us a wave and was dancing and jiggling all over the place. Those feet definitely belong to Myl.

Now for the big question... boy or girl?

Well.. someone knows. We got the technician to write it on a card for us and it is currently sealed and away in a place only Myl knows where. I'm really itching to find out. Mum says she could tell but if she could she is not telling anyone. She may be bribed and coerced but as far as I'm aware she hasn't even told my Dad. So its a surprise folks. We will find out at our Itsa party on the 20th.

I really want to know.

I'm getting boy vibes cos those feet were ENORMOUS.

It was so nice to see the little one. I'm so happy all is well and good. It's so nice to think of the little one swimming around in there having a ball.


  1. So darn cute, and I definitely give you props for being so patient when it comes to finding out if it's a miss or a mister.

  2. Hey, it does look like Brendan; something about the mouth and the nose. Apart from that it has a very nice well formed head; a nice smooth curve.

  3. Sarah - I wasn't feeling like being patient yesterday. Hopefully the time will fly.

    Ben - You sound like an expert on these matters. Go write your thesis says mum.

  4. yay yay yay!!! How super duper exciting! That really is the cutest nose I ever did see :)

  5. You're having an "It's a..." party?!?! AHHH! I'm so jealous! I really wanted to have one, but we didn't have the patience to wait long enough for it.
    What color will you be wearing? Pink or blue? Do you have a hunch?


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