Here are some of the swellest prams I have found recently.
I'm pretty sure I'm going to be a baby wearing mama so unless the little one is not so cuddly I probably won't use a pram for a few months. But it can't hurt to look?

Sweet ole fashioned pram. Not so sure about using it in the inner west. But isn't she lovely?

Quinny Zapp. This thing folds into the smallest packet ever. But it has no recline function. Not so good for sleeping babies.

Peg Perego SKATE System. Looks like a space ship. For a baby.

This one is just caraaaaaazy.

Childcare Sonic Stroller - Simple, cheap, not loads of useless padding. Reclines and has lots of space for nappy bag. I think this is the one we liked in the shop. Maybe not the best for the inner west?

Quinny Buzz 4 Wheeler - pretty awesome. V. Expensive. Do you get what you pay for?

Phil & Teds Vibe Buggy With Double Kit - hmm maybe one day. 

So what do you think folks? Which is your favourite? Which one did you buy? What is good to look for in a pram?


  1. dude, can I talk pram. I have researched and researched and know almost everything there is to know. I've also owned a few, and lust after many many more.

    the short answer is: there is NO perfect pram. Although I reckon I know one that comes close (not cheap though: the bugaboo bee plus - that's the new one. can be bought about half the price if you buy from America). Depends on what you want to spend.

    On a tight (ish) budget, you simply can't go past the maclaren vogue. It's a cheaper version of the techno, and is made exclusively for the Australian market. If you can get it on sale, even better.

    It has:
    *Full recline for newborn. Some days are just too hot for babywearing, even in march, so it's good to have the option
    *lightweight and narrow (perfect for the innerwest)
    *some suspension for bumpy footpaths
    *an extenable hood (great for when the sun is low and the hood needs to keep the sun out of bubbas eyes
    *raincover inclided
    *foot muff (for winter) included

    It does not have:
    *much basket space
    *reversible (baby face you mode)

    You'll find that most people love, or really really like their maclarens. Many people end up buying one when they get sick of lugging a big pram in and out of the car.

  2. wow you can talk pram. That's fantastic. Thankyou thankyou.

    I'll have to look into all these.

    I'm liking the idea of it fitting into small spaces ie our house and having good suspension for when Myles takes the baby for a cruise.

    Do you know when baby sales are on? Is it post Christmas or is there a baby lull time where all the shops try to drum up more business? Perhaps stocktake but I'm a bit late for that.

  3. hmm. not sure when they're on. Often at random times baby shops will do a pram sale, or a cot sale etc. I get emails that let me know, so when I hear of one, i'll let you know.

  4. I love that you aussies?? (forgive me- I forgot where you're from!) call strollers prams :) It just sounds so much better. :) My grandma still calls strollers carriages. I like that too.

  5. Totes agree with Libby that there is no perfect pram! Having had a March baby, I can say that you are likely to get a lot of use out of your sling in the first 6 months and the pram will come into its own a bit later on.

    Here is a summary of how we chose ours:

    *We live in a suburb with terrible footpaths so we wanted inflatable tyres and good suspension
    *We live at the bottom of a hill and have steps to negotiate so wanted 10kg or under
    *We walk a LOT so wanted something which would last at least one child's worth of heavy daily use
    *Wanted bub to be able to sleep in it so had to have lie-back
    *Needed a decent size basket for nappy bag and shopping
    *Had to have passed Choice magazine's safety and useability tests
    *Needed to be suitable for birth-4yrs (25kg)
    *Didn't want to pay more than $700
    *Had to be red

    We ended up buying a Mountain Buggy Urban, which we got super cheap at the My Baby Warehouse in Leichhardt (not sure when their sales are, but ours was cheap because it was two-year-old stock - worth asking what they have out the back). I bought a carrycot attachment on eBay which we barely used because Calvin lived in his sling! A few months later the Swift came out which I would have preferred as it is smaller, lighter and cheaper, but what can you do! I have calculated that pram has probably done close to 1500 km by now and it is still almost as good as new (even after we ran into it with the car). I have resented its size at times but it has proven so indestructable that it's won me over. We have ended up picking up a lightweight umbrella stroller to keep in the car for trips to the shops or taking the bus but as Libby said no one pram does everything.

    A couple of extra thoughts:

    *It is generally worth buying a new pram (rather than 2nd hand) as you usually don't save enough money buying a 2nd hand pram to make it worth the wear & tear on them
    *The single vs double pram issue is a conundrum; if you want to have kids close together it's probably worth thinking seriously about a pram that can be adapted for 2, but if you have a gap of 2+ years you might not get enough use out of the double kit to justify the extra cost.

    Anyway you should definitely pick the brains of all the FMG mums, they really helped me. Maybe someone has one lying around to pass on to you! Also there are lots of reviews and tips at


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  8. Hey Mrs Erin,
    Loved my Childcare Stroller. Survived all 3 Girls, zillions of KMs, wasn't too big (but then again, 1/3 of its user life was in Bathurst and 2/3 Canberra - I know nothing of inner west). Certainly drooled over some others but if budget is an issue (as it was for us) then I don't think you would regret going with a Childcare.
    Ooo I love pram shopping! Have fun!

  9. loved the old fashioned one but the fourth one down is pretty amazing too - kind a looks like a retro caravan. im happy to be not choosing one any time soon all those choices would make me so indecisive. some good advice in your comments here though - might have to remember if i ever need to know : ) x

  10. Oh yeah. We deliberated over the single/double thing too. Nearly 2 years on, and still no baby number 2 on the way, i'm glad not to have been pushing around a pram that i really didn't like in case we had 2 close enough together. If we need a double, we can get one when the time comes.

  11. wow thanks everyone.
    this stuff is really helpful.

    I think we will have to write a list of all the things we would like and search everywhere.

  12. Hi Erin,
    We have only ever had one pram and have LOVED it. We bought a Phil and Teds when they were new on the market just before Tom was born (so it's 6 years old). We bought it because we intended to have at least 2 kids, but bought the second seat when Joe was born. It's great right from the newborn stage. It's light and easy to fold, put in the car (even when pregnant with Joe), easy to clean and maintain. You can steer it with one hand, even with 2 kids in it. I know lots of people who have bought one later on and wish they had bought one first up. I'm not so familiar with the current models- there are lots of options and versions now.
    So even though the up front cost seems big (though there are now much more expensive prams) we have only spent that amount on a pram once in 6 years for 2 kids, which has been awesome value. There is nothing I haven't liked about it. We have walked and walked and walked with it. It has even done a City to Surf! And Tom and Joe were both still in it up until the end of last year (at 5 and 2 1/2) and I think only just now have gone over the weight limit to be in it together. Anyway, I could rave for ages about how much I have loved it. The Squires, Lubkes and Pagets have used them too if you would like to ask them for their views. As I said, I have never used anything else, not even an umbrella stroller. I have just bought a new Mountain Buggy Swift that was on super sale from a shop at Bondi Junction (Baby Village?) for the new bub as, mainly for vanity and partly for practical reasons, I wanted a new vehicle with similar features to the PnT for walking etc but with a nice new warranty to last the next 3-4 years, and the boys don't need to be in a pram now. The PnT needs some maintenance work and we'll still use it for back up. Hope that helps (and doesn't just add to the confusion that accompanies buying baby stuff for the first time!)

  13. I must say my pram has come in very handy lately with settling my little boy Luka. It was one of the settling techniques I learnt at my Day Stay recently.

    They love the rocking motion. I'm using a Bugaboo, I can't complain the only thing I would change is easier access to the bottom bag area.


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