silly sick and sad

I am all three of these things this week.

Silly - I'm sure you are all aware of the term "comfort eater." I am not a comfort eater. I really like food and cooking and reading Jamie Oliver cookbooks but in order to enjoy I have to be happy. Most of the time I am happy so this is not a problem. But in the morning or lunchtime if I am at home on my lonesome the desire to cook is not within me.

This presents a bit of a problem when there is not one but two to feed. I keep needing to remind myself that I need to eat lots and regularly and healthily because it is not just me I am feeding. So my morning ritual consists of;

Wake up
have a shower
feed the bobbin... etc

I need that mindset otherwise Myles comes home and I realise that I am starving.

Its very silly... hence the title.

Sick - I think this would also be correctly labeled as silly but for the purpose of a cool title lets leave it as sick. I have hypothyroidism. It's not a big deal. I just take a pill a day. Easy right?

Well... these are special pills. The chemist told me to keep them in the fridge. (Quite a few times actually) But did I listen? Well yes... and no.

 I looked at the packet a little while ago and read that after 21 days at below 25 degrees you must discard all extra pills. In a packet of 200 I thought that sounded harsh but figured that meant you kept one blister pack in the fridge and the rest in the cupboard so they don't need to be thrown out?

Actually I'm not so sure what I thought.

But in reality it just means you can have them out of the fridge (below 25 but higher than cold cold fridge temp) for 21 days and after that chuck em out.

So I have had my pills in the cupboard with one pack in the fridge. That pack is almost gone. I am very silly and need to go get a new pack. Lucky they only cost me five bucks! Thanks PBS!


Sad - these silly and sick things make me sad. They sometimes make me feel like I will be a bad mother and forget to feed/medicate my child. Mostly they just make me laugh at myself at how rediculous and imperfect I am.

Hmm maybe I should just blame it on being pregnant and rename this post. When you get pregnant your brain turns to mush?


  1. It's called motherhood, Rinny! J x

  2. oh there's more to come?

  3. Er, yes. You are a mother already! A lifelong journey is starting. J x

  4. I remember reading about a study they did which showed that pregnant women's brains actually run at a higher level (e.g. quicker reflexes, larger memory) but that most of this function and a good deal of previous capacity just becomes dedicated to the baby... So placenta brain is real! Then it becomes breastfeeding brain... then sleep deprivation brain... then by the time you have a toddler you've forgotten what it's like to have a brain.


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