The pursuit of busyness

I have had such a busy ole weekend.

On Friday night I had a lovely birthday celebration with my dear friend Laura.

This is us when we had just finished high school.


We had some pasta at the Italian Forum in Leichhardt and then went to San Churro for some tasty hot choc made with real chocolate beads.

I had the white hot chocolate.

On Saturday Myl and I took some kiddos from church to the UV festival.
That was fun. There were puppets and goats and singing and craft.
We got to ride into the city with the kids on the bus.
It was really nice. They are such lovely kids.

We went home for a short nap before doing some babysitting.
That was fun.
I think Myles may have scared the little babysiteee. Maybe it was his beard.

The next morning we had Sunday school and went to India.
We did bollywood dancing, made naan, learnt about the Toulmin family who translate the Bible and made some elephant masks.

I wish I had taken photos.

Then I had a practice for a kids play that was on this morning. Some lovely ladies asked me to play music for their play about the Little Red Hen. We performed it this morning to a group of very cute and excitable pre-schoolers. 

Hmm there is just so much to write about.

In the midst of all that Myl and I had a home date. We had some good ole devonshire tea.

I did take some pictures of that.

Scones with jam and cream and lemongrass and ginger tea. ( A birthday present from Nic.) Yum!

Needless to say our whole little family is pretty tired after the weekend.


We get to peek at the little one tomorrow!!!
So exciting.

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  1. I wouldn't worry about the babysitee. She's scared of most people :)

  2. You guys did an awesome job though, and are officially the first non-family person to put E to bed. May the success bode well for good sleep from your little one

  3. Wow! Are we the first non family person to try?

    She was the best little thing going to bed. She was all smiles and couldn't wait to get to bed.

    You sure have a cute little girl.

  4. Sounds like a great weekend!
    The scones and hot chocolate sound delicious.
    Gosh, I have a sad life {while on bedrest}. Sitting around thinking of even MORE things to eat! haha! Pregnancy cravings. Oh boy.

  5. the scones look delicious! thanks for visiting my blog xx


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