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So at this stage all is really well with the little one.
We have heard the heartbeat on two separate occasions and it is loud and strong.
Bobbin is moving round like an athlete and having a great old time.
I can't feel any movement just yet but I'm sure it's only around the corner.

We have an ultrasound appointment on the 26th. Only 2 glasses of water this time so it should be ok. It will be so exciting to see the little bob again this time looking less like a blobby duck and hopefully more like us?!?!
And yes we are going to find out if its a little girl or boy but stay tuned for more exciting info on this topic...

My belly is just starting to pop out which is so nice. It's good to finally be starting to feel pregnant but I'm so lucky to have missed out on all the nausea and pain I know other women experience.

I'm loving having this little one inside so so much!

image credit - tumblr chaispice


  1. Hello! pleased to meet you. My name is Beck and I've stumbled across your blog through Pip's list. So exciting! What a time of blessing that you're in at the moment. Long may it continue! I'm going to subscribe to you through my google reader. God bless, Beck :)

  2. Mandy - yeeeees!

    Beck - hey Beck. How good is meet me at mikes. Such a lovely pretty blog.
    Pregnancy is such a wonderful time. Thanks for following mine! <3

  3. see comment in "cook that craving" I posded in there by mistake. love you.

  4. I love that picture so much, and it's so much happier on your blog than mine :) Praying that you are remembering to be not silly and feeling less sick and so less sad.



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