bit of a sticky situation

I have a really lovely engagement ring.

It was picked out for me by the love of my life.
He gave it to me as I stood in the very place I saw him for the first time.
He had blindfolded me and taken me back to that place.
When I took off the blind fold there he was and there I was.

He asked me to be his wife.
I agreed.

Its a really lovely ring.
I have a problem.

I can't get it off.

Since my wedding day it has sat on my right hand ring finger. It is a different carat to my wedding ring so I did this to prevent them scratching. I'm also not such a big fan of the two ring look. My fingers can't do it. It fits my left hand perfectly but my right hand is just that little bit bigger.

And I think in the last (almost) two years my hand has gotten bigger.

That ring is going nowhere.

I've tried soap, moisturiser, conditioner, easing the thing off one bit at a time, waiting for winter when my fingers get smaller, putting my hand in the freezer.
I can get it to just below my knuckle but no further.
I really, really don't want to have to get it chopped off, (the ring and the finger) but I can think of nothing else.

I have heard that in pregnancy fingers and toes swell up like crazy and sometimes never go back. I'm afraid my ring will be engulfed in preggo finger fat if I don't do something soon.

Does anyone know anything that can help me? I shall post all attempts and attempt all suggestions.


  1. Oh, Rin, you poor thing. You're right about puffiness in pregnancy. I'd act sooner rather than later if I were you. Why don't you ask a jeweller you trust? They must have people ask them all the time. Maybe they can help. Good luck! J x

  2. Please get someone to help you get it off sooner rather than later. My wedding ring got stuck when I was in labour with my first. I developed pre-eclampsia very suddenly and the swelling made it so hard to even get it cut off as they couldn't get enough space to get the cutter underneath. It got chopped up pretty bad and I got it repaired but it has never been the same since and doesn't fit right. I don't wear it anymore :(

    There is a link here that may help

    Good luck!

  3. Oh no... my hands change size heaps between seasons (rings fall off in winter and can barely get them on in summer) so I feel your pain Rin! I agree with Ms C to get it off ASAP because the warmer the weather gets the more fluid you will retain in your hands & feet.

    Grapefruit oil and mandarin oil are both used in aromatherapy to reduce fluid retention (put a few drops in a bucket of cold water and soak your feet on those hot February days!)... you could try putting a few drops in a bowl of the coldest water you can bear and soaking your hand for a bit before giving the ring a go... i have some if you want to drop by and borrow. good luck beauty! xx


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