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Oh. Boy.

Have I been feeling exhausted lately or what!?

Second trimester was supposed to be the one where I was full of energy and bursting to go but for the last week or so I have been feeling tired quite a lot of the time.
It's not like I'm sleeping all the time and can't do a thing it's just that when I do stuff I get much tireder than I ever have before.

I always feel like I need to sit down, or have a long massage. I'm feeling hungry and thirsty all the time. At the end of the day I feel like I've run a marathon and need some sleep.

Has anyone else had similar experiences?
Have any tips? Do I need to eat more, exercise more or sleep more?
Should I just suck it up cos I'm growing a baby and this is what to expect?

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  1. I was defintely hungry and thirsty all the time....but I wasn't that tired in the 2nd trimester. I felt great and back to normal, but then the tiredness came back in the 3rd trimester. Try to take power naps if you can and make go on a little walk to get some energy?

  2. I was ALWAYS hungry in the second trimester. I wasn't very tired, though.... but I sure am now! I'd give you advice... but I haven't quite figured anything out yet.

  3. I think you need a good long back rub. I'm sure it doesn't do any harm and it probably feels pretty good.

  4. I was tired pretty much from day 1! If you're hungry and thirsty then try and eat and drink more-although try and have healthy snacks... It might be worth getting your iron levels tested as well. I was anemic most of the way through my pregnancy. Remember your body is working really hard, making and supporting a baby-it takes a lot of energy!

  5. How is your diet ? I found freshly squeezed OJ and red meat every second day good to keep the energy levels up. Someone else to squeeze the oranges is also good ☺


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