gaia.. and why I don't like hospitals.

A few weeks ago I went to a special baby sale for a brand named gaia.
They make lovely organic cotton clothes for little ones.

I got some cutie-pie things.

In other news...

I've been feeling really well since my post on Monday. I feel like I have much more energy. Granted I did sleep pretty much half the day on Tuesday but maybe that's just what I needed.

I had an appointment at the birth centre with the Obstetrician which was good and uneventful. A good thing in an appointment. Little One's heartbeat is great, my blood pressure is fine.

The ob clarified that I will most likely have hypothyroidisim (I don't as yet know too much about what this means other than that I need to take a pill a day. Supposedly the disorder has a name. I don't know and that's ok for now) after the little one is born and sent me off to find the mysterious thyroid clinic after having my blood taken for a thyroid level test.

She told me to go upstairs to Women and Babies Ambulatory Care. Sure, I thought, I've been there before. The lady at the desk had no idea what I was talking about. She looked at me like a crazy thyroid woman gone completely mental. I told her I had just seen the Ob at the Birth Centre to which she replied that the birth centre had no obstetritian, only midwives...

Hmmm.. I didn't quite know what to say to that.

"Ok you are right. I just saw a midwife pretending to be an Ob. That stethoscope really fooled me."
"Dang it, yes I was just at McDonalds not the Birth Centre. Silly preggo brain."
"No I'm trying to trick you into letting me book into the thyroid clinic. Drat you foiled my clever plan."

I'm sorry, I'm being very cynical.

Eventually I found the thyroid clinic cleverly hidden behind the coronary care day clinic down a passageway after turning left then right then going through the locked door when all the workers were at lunch. Bright shining light with THYROID CLINIC may have been helpful.

Ahh there I go being cynical again. Must be the baby talking.

They told me that they were quite happy with the way my GP had been managing my thyroids and that I didn't need to see them.  Oh.

So now my blood is whizzing off somewhere to be tested and sent to the sneakily hidden thyroid clinic that doesn't need me to visit them again as I may die of starvation on the way over there am being looked after already. I hope it gets to someone. I'm not the hugest fan of needles and have already had far too many blood tests for my liking.

I was glad to get out of the hospital and glad I took Myles along.

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  1. They seem to be mostly brown, yellow-brown, green-brown, blue-brown, brown-brown. There's enough brown around your average baby, couldn't they have nice pink-pink or blue-blue or even kerosine-blue?


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