My mama

It's my Mama's birthday today.

Let me say she is pretty much one of the most amazing people in the world.

She was born in India and moved here when she was little all by herself to come live with her grandparents. A little sweetie pie with an Indian accent.

She met my Dad at church. He thought she was sixteen. A sweet girl but a bit young. She was really nineteen. They got married soon after.

They moved to Bathurst and had babies. They built the house they live in today.

I remember..

cooking with my mum
painting, drawing, making salt dough.
Pretending to play school.
Mum sewing clothes for us. Fleecy pj's and school uniforms.
Going to the shops.
Having picnics in the yard.
reading books.
Mum teaching me how to sew and crochet.
giving violin concerts.
Going to home reading and canteen with mum.
Cuddles on the couch.
Mum accidently running up the back of a car in Orange.
Sushi night.
Watching House.
reading the bible together.
Mum decorating my room when I was away at camp
with a fluffy rug and fairy lights.
calling my mum from Sydney when I missed her.
Calling my mum from Sydney with a diamond on my finger.
Calling my mum from Sydney to tell her she would be a grandma.

My mum is a midwife. She gets to be my own personal midwife for the little one.
It's so nice to share this time in my life with her.

She is the greatest mum in the world.
I love her so so much.

Happy Birthday Mama.


  1. Happy birthday to your mum Rinny! :) How special to share this time with her. What a great blessing!

  2. Thanks Erin for those beautiful words. I thank God every day for the gift of children and that he has given us three of the best. I remember lots of birthdays as you were growing up, they were very special occasions. I am looking forward to the birth of my grand child and the joy he/she will bring to our lives. It will be lovely to watch you grow as a mum and Myles as a dad. XX x


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