One very special man.

 ponderous little fella

I just want to say

Happy Birthday

to the kindest, sweetest, strongest, most loving, encouraging and loving husband.
My man.

Myles was born on the 5th of November at midday in King George the V hospital Sydney, Australia.

Boy am I glad that happened.

I met him 17 years 5 months and 14 days later. It was at our beach mission bush dance at St Thomas Church Hall, North Sydney, Australia.

I'm glad that happened too.

He's a pretty special man.

He likes playing sport and is really good at softball. He played for NSW a few years ago. He can juggle a soccerball on his feet so many times. I'd be lucky to do it twice.
He is really tall. I always look up to him.
He has an orange beard. But I won't hold that against him.
He has a funny laugh he sometimes does that sounds like a koala.
He always eats the food I give him. I educated him in the art of sushi, Thai food, spicy Indian, vegi only meals. Now he loves them.
He is really strong. He can lift fridges.
He has lovely blue eyes and big smiley lips.
He sings to me... sometimes.
He looks good in photos.
He makes me laugh when I am angry.

He loves Jesus and decided to study the bible full time this year.
He wants to serve Jesus with all his life and with me at his side.
He is a whiz at dead languages. Greek and Hebrew eat ya heart out.

He is strong when I am weak.
He holds my hand when I am scared.
He reminds me of the important things.
He prays for me when I need it. All. The. Time.
He brings me closer to God each day.
God gave him to me in a time when I was sad.
God brought us together and has kept us there ever since.

He held me when we thought we would never have a baby.
He laughed and cried with me when we saw those two pink lines.
He also cries with me during Greys Anatomy.

I am so in love with him.
He is the best.

I thank God everyday for this amazing man in my life.

Happy Birthday my love.
May there be many many more.


  1. :)
    I SAW YOU TWO as i was coming out of urban bites! But you were very far ahead of me.

    Happy birthday to Myles.
    I give God such praise to see how happy He's made you two xx

  2. Happy Birthday Myles. Left messages on all your phones, hope you had a great day, give your brother in law a big hug too

  3. I've only just read this Erin - so missed saying Happy Birthday to my second eldest nephew - sorry! Belated Happy Birthday to Myles. Your birthday message to him is so beautiful. Lucky as you are to have him, he is lucky to have a wife who appreciates him so much - and can communicate that. A really precious gift. Love to you, Myles and bobbin too ;)


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