Performance Anxiety

I'm just going to clarify straight up that this is not my belly. Sometimes I use pictures from the internet that are not my own because they are pretty/relevant/interesting/cute. This sometimes makes people a little confused.

Anyway. The little one (bless his non existent cotton socks) has performance anxiety.

He is getting to be quite an active little kicker which pleases me to no end. I could sit for hours giggling at his little soft nudges and squirms about my belly. I actually do giggle sometimes making Myles very confused as to what is funny. I can see the little kicks on my belly making it move. It is one of the most amazing feelings in the world. I feel so so blessed to be able to experience it. Such an amazing God given gift I want never to take for granted.

So naturally when I feel this wonderful feeling I want to share it with those around me.

"Come feel my belly" I say.
"The baby is kicking" I say.

People come running from all over to feel this wondrous thing.

and then...

it stops.

Poor little nervous bobkin. Too much attention. Too much pressure to perform.

I guess it will just have to be Myles and my special little secret.

Image Credit Kloska

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