How far along? 24 weeks
Baby’s Size: 30cm and 700g
Maternity Clothes: managed to fit into my old swimmers!
Belly Button: still sitting on the edge of outiedom
Gender: Girly girl!
Movement: Lots and lots. mostly just before bed time.
Sleep: I now sleep with two pillows under my head. It props me up so I can sleep on my back. Getting tingly arms from sleeping on my side. SCARY dreams.
Symptoms: Preggo brain. I am pretty absent minded at times. More than usual. Feeling breathless much more easily.
Best Moments this week: Saying hello little girl!
Food Aversions: Lamb. I have never liked it but the smell of two spit lambs at our church Christmas party made my stomach crawl.
Food Cravings: M&M'S and fruit salad.
What I miss: I'll be honest. I really felt like a beer the other day.
What I am Looking forward to: Holidays and Christmas.
Milestones: almost at the end of 2nd trimester whew!
Awesome fact about little one:Babies at 24 weeks have been noted to increase their breathing patterns (by expanding their lungs with amniotic fluid), after their mothers eat, especially if the food contains sugar!


  1. I found eating a Sao biscuit before bed time was helpful

  2. Thank you for posting this, it was quite helpful and told a lot

  3. 感谢您的帮助后!我也不会获得这样的,否则!

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