How far along? 21 weeks
Baby’s Size: 25 cm long and 500 grams. 
Maternity Clothes: on the bottom
Belly Button: I can flip it out. My belly is almost without a belly button valley.
Gender: Don't know but Mum told Dad
Movement: I was singing bob his favourite song "I've got you under my skin." He was dancing along.
Sleep: Great.
Symptoms: I have a baby inside of me.
Best Moments this week: Singing while walking down the street and knowing I'm not a little weird cos I'm singing to someone.
Food Aversions: runny eggs.
Food Cravings: not this week.
What I miss: summer. go away cold weather.
What I am Looking forward to: seeing my mum next. We have been playing phone tag the last few days and I miss her. It's her birthday tomorrow.
Milestones: Very noticeable belly.
Awesome fact about little one: If the little one is going to be a ranga then its a ranga right now!! Oh no!


  1. when are you going to find out the sex? I am dying to know :)

  2. We are having the itsa party on the 27th so a video will be posted either that day or the day after.

    I can't (but have to) wait!!


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