What is a birthday without cake?

To be totally honest the answer to this question is my husbands birthday.


I have a good excuse though. His birthday consisted of.

Myles woke up at 5 30 to go have coffee with his pals
Came back at 8ish
We went for breakfast at Clover cafe
I went to work
Myl went to college to study. (He has a greek exam on Monday)
He did serious study all day. No wives allowed.
I had lunch with our family pastor to discuss theology of childrens ministry. V interesting.
Met up with the study bug for compulsory study break. He insisted it be short :(
Went to the gaia organic baby clothes sale with a friend (Pictures soon!)
Saw Myl again. We had to source a large garbage bin (clean) for youth group.
Dropped Myl at youth
Went babysitting
Went home
Picked Myl up from youth.
Home for some needed sleep.

Can anyone see room in there for cake?
Never fear. One of his lovely college friends baked him one that they enjoyed while studying.


But today we are having dinner with my siblings and their personal happinessess.
It was my brothers birthday yesterday too. We like to celebrate.
We are going to have Korean in the city. aaaaand.


unless my brothers sweetheart has baked one. Then we can have...


Good idea? I thought so.

I did have a photo but the cake kinda looks like a big hunk of poo. Its banana with butterscotch icing. I never really aim for those presentation points. So here are some cakes from the hillarious blog Cake Wrecks.


  1. I love baking cakes. And eating them. And, coincidentally, my birthday is tomorrow. I wonder if anyone will be baking me one?

  2. Oooh Happy Birthday.
    I'm sure someone will bake or buy you cake.


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