aden + anais

I got some lovely mail from aden + anais this week.

They make beautiful swaddling blankets out of muslin as well as sleeping bags, washcloths and bibs.

I was sent a set of four 100% cotton swaddles in a pattern called princess posie. The patterns are absolutely gorgeous and they feel so soft! I cant wait to wrap up my little one in them. She will look so sweet!

The great thing about muslin is that it is super breathable and the swaddles carry the CJ Foundation for SIDS tag meaning they are not only beautiful and soft but safe for little ones too.

At 120cm square they are also a fantastic size. I can use them for swaddling, nursing, covering the stroller or for when the little one has a play on the floor.

Did I mention they are really really pretty?

Check out the aden + anias website. They have some really lovely stuff.


  1. They're very pretty ones!I had a couple I was given for William and loved them and the size is fantastic for when baby gets above 6kg and still needs rapping!

  2. I love their blankets! I got mine as a gift and they are the ones I use most often!


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