the twenty-fifth

I had a lovely Christmas day.

It started at church at 11pm for the midnight Christmas service. I was reminded that our saviour came as a little baby just like the one in my belly.

The next morning we had church again. We're keen.

We had nine people for Christmas in our little apartment. 

After that it was lunch and presents time. I'm not really sure why we give presents at christmas but it sure is nice. I got some really lovely things.

My favourite part of Christmas is cooking. I thought the camera had run out of battery so I only have one photo of the cooking and none of the rest of the day.

I made a roast chicken, cauliflower cheese and sweet potato. My mum made a roast pork, roast vegis and apple sauce. Dessert was cassata ball, trifle, choc-peppermint mousse and mum's famous fruit cake.

I was pretty full by the end. Sooo tasty!

We ate under some shade in our backyard. We had afternoon naps. We went for a walk round Glebe point. It was a really warm day but not so warm that it was unpleasant.

I <3 Christmas.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful day! You sound like a great cook!

  2. what a wonderful Christmas day you had and that food looks yummo!

  3. hi, found you on the follow me club! love reading about your journey! bigwords x

  4. hey, you got a tortellini cushion! Way sexier than my feeding pillow.


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