How far along? 28 weeks
Baby’s Size: 38cm and 1.2kg
Maternity Clothes: got some nice new things for Christmas. Still managing to steer clear of the "maternity" items.
Belly Button: After some Christmas food it was particularly flat.
Gender: little lady.
Movement:  Mostly movements and a few kicks. I can feel her much more regularly and she is responding to my voice. She likes it when I sing to her.
Sleep: Great! A few weird dreams involving babies that turn into ducks in the freezer but nothing scary.
Symptoms: Heartburn still. It's not too bad and infrequent. I'm starting to walk a bit differently and feeling tired more often. Bring on the siesta!
Best Moments this week: Baby's first Christmas. Imagining our little girl this time next year at nine months old!
Food Aversions: Couldn't have the Christmas prawns or Camembert or Egg Nog.
Food Cravings: Really loving fruit and yogurt and tea! When I drink tea it makes me feel so happy inside.
What I miss: Being able to play hide and seek.
What I am Looking forward to: Bringing in the new year and knowing this is the year our baby will be born.
Milestones: Ok so apparently THIS is the third trimester. Whatever. I'm there.
Awesome fact about little one: She is starting to store her own iron in her liver. This is so that she has enough till she starts eating a big juicy steak solids. 

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