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Talk about divine provision. Just as I settle into my crazy preggo mama nesting spree I get given the fantastic Rubbermaid Reveal Mop in the mail.

My house is wooden floors throughout with tile in the bathroom so this product is absolutely perfect. I have never had a mop before. My kitchen isn't huge so I have previously used a chux on my hands and knees but this is oh so much better for my preggo non bendable body! Not to mention the ammount of *ahem* baby stuff I anticipate having on my floor in the next little while.

With the reveal mop I don't even need to use a bucket like the good old days. This mop has a bottle attatched that you fill with whatever you like to clean with. (in my case a bit of vinegar and water) With the pull of a lever you squirt your cleaner out just in front of the mop head and away you go.

The Reveal Mop comes with a washable microfibre mop pad that you can was 100 times. Great for the environment just pop it in with your tea towels.
my incredibly beautiful just mopped floor

Feeling jealous of me and my amazing mop?

Well you don't need to. If you live in Australia you could have one too. To be in the running just leave a comment with an interesing/handy/funny story of your cleaning exploits. The best one will get a reveal mop in the mail. How easy is that?

You have a week to enter the competition. I will reveal the winner next Friday morning.

If you wanted me to look upon you with extra favour you could also hit the "Follow me" button on the side, vote for me on top baby blogs or give me a back/foot massage. Anyone?

Enter once, enter often. This is a pretty swell prize.

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  1. Does leaving the first comment give me points? I can't think of any interesting stories at the moment. Aston loves mops, brooms, brushes, vacuum cleaners etc. He always wants to 'halp brush floor'. We've just started toilet training, a mop would be handy for cleaning up accidents...

  2. The only thing amusing about my cleaning exploits is that they actually manage to occur at all - I'm a tidy person, rather than a clean person. Since having Calvin, though, I have become a little more particular about floors, mainly die to the frequency with which he tastes something on the floor (before handing it to me saying "Bin"), or eats something dropped on it (sometimes days previously).

    Now vacuuming, we have pretty much covered - we have a 25 year old Hoover still going strong, and one of those nifty little dustbusters too. In the mop department, however, we make do with one of those old spongy ones that makes the floor dirtier than it was to begin with. And which was never had a new sponge since being acquired from a share house. Full of boys.

    So every now and then, when the kitchen floor and bathroom floors are sticky enough that the lino starts lifting underfoot, I get out the scrubbing brush and give it a go on my hands and knees, before giving it a halfhearted swipe with the mop. This makes the floor less sticky, but clean? Let's just say a girl can get by for a long time on 'less sticky'.

    At this point I will pop in an interesting factoid - apparently there's truth to the old wives' tale that scrubbing floors brings on labour! Well at the very least it puts mamas-to-be in just the right position for bub's head to get nice and engaged. I scrubbed hard enough the week before Calvin was due to get me out of floor cleaning until he started solids!

    But I digress. The point of my pathetic tales of hand and knee scrubbing and disease-laden mop sponges is pretty much just to convince you to pity me enough to impart a swanky new one upon me. And if you don't pity me, just think of poor Calvin - if he's going to eat two-day-old dried up bits of rice that he found next to the bin, doesn't he at least deserve a clean floor to eat it off?

  3. Wow Nic, sounds like we have the same mop!


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