pray for elliot

7:00 AM
I have been following the blog of a lovely girl called Jess who has just had her first baby Elliot.

Elliot has gastroschisis and has been in NICU since he was born.

He isn't a well little fella.

Click on the button to read Jess' blog and find out more.

Here Comes The Sun

Some good things to pray for would be

- That Elliot would start moving his bowel. This needs to happen before he can have his tube out and have regular feeds.
- That Elliot would grow bigger and stronger.
- That Jess and her husband would trust in the Lord.
- That Elliot might be able to leave hospital before Jess' husband has to go back to South Korea (He is a soldier.)

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  1. I literally JUST read this post, and it made me smile :)
    Thank you so much!


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