10:00 AM

How far along? 31 weeks. Single digits.
Baby’s Size: 43cm and 1.7kg
Maternity Clothes: went shopping for underwear... oh it was depressing.
Belly Button: outie!!
Gender: lady.
Movement: Regular and strong. Feeling heels and elbows all over the joint.
Sleep: Pretty good if I am surrounded by pillows.
Symptoms: I get tired if I do anything. Feeling a few of these symptoms. My feet have been swelling up in the heat too. It is not a nice sight. I am also hungry all the time. I can't eat much at a time but get hungry every hour.
Best Moments this week: Babymoon. It was nice to spend alone time with Myl and nice to think that our next family holiday will be three!
Food Aversions: Not that I can think of.
Food Cravings: ice cream. asian food.
What I miss: Moving in a normal and proper way. I need one of those claw things to pick stuff off the ground.
What I am Looking forward to: Setting up all the baby things.
Milestones: 9 weeks to go!
Awesome fact about little one: Baby is packing on the chub this week. Hel-lo kankles.


  1. Newcastle looks much better than it actually is. It looks quite arty in these pictures.
    You are not surfing at Nobby's?

  2. Thought I'd give surfing a miss this time. My balance is not it's best.

    You are a bit of a cynic dad. Newcastle is getting trendier by the minute.


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