How far along? 30 weeks - 10 to go yikes!
Baby’s Size: 42cm and 1.5kg
Maternity Clothes: Yes! I seem to have popped. I am huge!
Belly Button: I think I would call it out.
Gender: girl
Movement: So much! This kid is a dancer. One night it felt like she was doing hurdles. I mostly feel her in the afternoon-sleep time.
Sleep: I have a sack of baby on my belly. It feels like she falls down when I lie on my side. It's such an effort to flip over. Haha! More weird dreams.
Symptoms: Heartburn, tiredness (falling asleep in awkward places) huge belly, emotions going crazy. Feeling so so excited about this little girl.
Best Moments this week: Going away on holidays with Myl and some friends and having a great time learning about God. Feeling my little girl getting stronger and kicking and moving.
Food Aversions: I have totally gone off sandwiches.
Food Cravings: Fruit and ice cream.
What I miss: Being able to move about easily in a crowd/small space/doorways.
What I am Looking forward to: Continued holidays and official babymoon.
Milestones: week 30 the last ten weeks! It is so close.
Awesome fact about little one: She is now strong enough to grasp onto things with her tiny hands. She is about as long as she is going to get but needs to at least double her weight!


  1. wow it is becoming even more real! 10 weeks is going to fly right by! so excited for you and myl and bebe!

    xx libby

  2. Yay for 30 weeks! Almost there! Your belly is adorable!

  3. I seem to recall just before you were born your mother's tummy was very big, "like a ship in full sail". It must be time for a "bib and braces"?

    Simon or Erin? "I've got my baby where's Benny's?"

    10 weeks to go. It's getting very exciting. Even more exciting for you.

  4. you are so cute!! babes will be here soon! hope you had fun on your holiday. mama's need rest these days.

  5. 30 weeks and still looking great!! :)


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