12:51 PM

How far along? 29 weeks. Almost 30 which is almost 40 yikes!
Baby’s Size: 40cm and 1.35kg
Maternity Clothes: loving stretchy tops, babydoll tops and flowwy dresses.
Belly Button: still not an outie.
Gender: girl
Movement: So so much. Particularly at night. Sometimes it feels like she is having a disco in there jittering about. Sometimes she likes to lean on me. She likes leaning and playing on my right side.
Sleep: It's getting tricky. I have to cuddle a pillow or a Myl to stay upright and my left leg went numb last night from sleeping on it. It's pretty hot at night and I keep waking up at noises out in the street.
Symptoms: Oh boy yes! Heartburn is still lingering. The little one's head has been down for a while and this is causing a few problems with pressure. I'm feeling more irritable, tired and emotional. Starting to get anxious about labour which is not fun. Feeling like an old lady unable to bend over and having to sit down all the time. 2nd party trimester is definitely over.
Best Moments this week: Lots of lovely moving. I can feel where her hands and feet go.
Food Aversions: Feeling hungry often but full after only a little food.
Food Cravings: Fruit!
What I miss: Feeling young and bendy and sleeping on my tum and feeling awake. Baaaah!! I love you baby.
What I am Looking forward to: Starting baby classes this week. Hopefully they will say some things to make me less anxious.
Milestones: We are now in the year that the little one will be making her grand appearance. Hello 2011.
Awesome fact about little one: Baby's got BAT. (brown adipose tissue)It's special baby fat that helps the little one keep warm.


  1. You're getting closer!!
    she'll be here before you know it.

  2. You are so adorable! I love that we're right around the same time but such worlds apart - your photos are all summery, and i'm wrapped up in coats for mine!

    Time is ticking it's so intimidating! But you seem like you have it all planned. The start of birth classes will probably help a lot, too. I hear they really help calm down our mama nerves.


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