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10:00 AM

 I have no idea what my shakra is and I don't think I'm very zen but I'm going to prenatal yoga today.

I had a really sore muscle cramp in my leg last Wednesday just as I woke up. It was seriously like wake up...searing pain in my leg. Good morning!

So I figure a bit of bending and stretching will do it the world of good.

It's at the hospital where I am giving birth and it's free. At least in a room full of pregnant ladies I can't look too silly....

My mum told me that giving birth is like running a marathon and you don't do that without training so I better get my pregnant tush into gear. 

Image Credit - Meg Fish Photography

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  1. gosh i need to do that! I have pilates dvds that i use at home but not as frequently as i should. Those leg spasms are terrible! I started getting them a few weeks ago in my calves when I'm sleeping - I read what it means on but now I can't remember.

    Hope you love yoga! Loved to hear about it.


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