all clear

Once again my pregnancy fears have been taken away. My test came back normal.
No cholestasis for me. My hands and feet are still itchy as ever and I look like I have developed some kind of tropical disease. Maybe I have?

Whatever it is though it doesn't mean I will need to be induced at 28 weeks. Praise God!

I've got these crazy sleep patterns where I wake up at silly o'clock. Haven't checked the clock but it is still dark. When I wake up I can't get back to sleep so I just hang out for a while trying not to scratch my feet. Then I go back to sleep for bedtime number two.

I'm waiting for that real nesting feeling to come in. At the moment I have been cleaning very half hartedly leaving most of the house looking like a big baby bombsite. There are itty bitty clothes to wash, a half packed hospital bag and things I have been sewing all over the place. I just can't seem to stick with one task and keep starting new jobs.

Lucky she's still got 4 weeks left in there!

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  1. Oh that makes me happy! I hope the itching clears up soon though!


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