and this?

7:15 PM
My mum saw this mornings post and decided that one cute baby photo was not enough for one day.

Love you mum.

Here is the girl version. A little me.

It's pretty much impossible to tell what our little girl is going to look like from the ultrasound but I guess she will be a mashup of her mama and dada. Big eyes I think are a winner and I think she might have my little button nose.

Whatever she looks like I'm sure she will be wonderful because she will be ours!

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  1. Oh Erin, you are so beautiful and cute! Myles was sweet too, but wow, those big brown eyes!

  2. so excited for you! happy rest of pregnancy, the last days go soooooo slooooowwwwww righhhhttt??!!!

  3. Yep, the time seems to be going slower. I think maybe because in about a week or so she will be coming at any time. It makes it harder to wait.

  4. you are both so adorable!! I've been meaning to pull out a few pictures of nathan and i, too. It's so fun to look back and wonder. :) you are going to have the cutest doe eyed baby!


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