Class Number .... ?

4:00 PM
We went to our second last baby class on Wednesday.
Oh boy have the classes been eye opening.

This particular one was on baby care.

We learnt about how to wrap a baby, bath a baby, change a nappy. Things like that.
We were shown a picture of a newborn baby poo. It was great looking at all the faces round the room as the picture was passed on.

Our teacher Pam got us to get into groups and discuss why babies cry, what can help them to stop and how we feel when babies cry. While we were discussing this she played this awful recording of a baby crying. The little fella was really going at it. It was such a sad little (actually very loud) sound. It made me just want to find that baby and give it a good cuddle.

I guess she was trying to get us used to it. She told us that most babies cry for about 3-4 hours a day.

She also showed us a video of all the strange skin conditions babies get born with. Rashes, birth marks, swollen heads. None of the things are serious but the poor little babies looked like they had been through a few rounds of boxing.

At the end of the class we got our own little doll babies to practice wrapping up. Many of them got their heads knocked on the floor, lifted up by their toes and I accidentally leant on mine a little too hard while I was wrapping it. Surely we will be more careful when the baby is real.

Here is a picture of the little darling. Can you see the family resemblance?


  1. Your class sounds awesome!
    We have our first on on Saturday and I am so anxious and excited for it.

    I love that they are giving you all of that information now. Yesterday we went on our hospital tour and there was a young woman about our age I would say who was also pregnant. And based off her questions she seemed so lost. She asked who was responsible for changing and swaddling the baby after delivery and if we had a stroller because she didn't and a number of other questions. I felt so much for her that I wanted to give her all my baby books and take her along to our classes. She'll do fine I know but we are lucky to have the info we do.

    3-4 hours a day of crying huh? I did not know that one. :D

    Hope you're feeling well!

  2. I only just learned a few days ago the length of our baby classes... 6HRS!@!

    Oh man, there goes my Saturday :p

    The irony is, of course, that were I slightly more proactive in the whole process I would have known the length of our classes already.

    I think this is a clear indication of my soon-to-be parenting style... "just go with it."

    I think I read two or three pages of the baby books we own, looked at some pictures and called it a day.

    It's not that I don't want to be a good, informed parent but when it comes to something that folks have been doing WITHOUT night school for eons, I just figure it'll work out.

    So do you feel more prepared after your class?


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