Dear little one...

1:16 PM
your dada has gone back to
college this week and I'm
getting a taste of what the year
will be like.
pretty soon I am going to have
you to play with and talk to
all day. We can miss your dada
together and give him a big hug
when he comes home each day.
I've been getting ready for you
to come. Even though I'm so
keen to see you I'm glad they don't
have to start you coming early.
I've still got loads to do! Loads of
washing that is. It makes me smile
seeing all your little clothes. I am
imagining putting your little
body inside of them.

Can't wait to fill up your clothes.

love mama



  1. So sweet. Aren't newborn clothes the CUTEST?! Sooo tiny! I got lucky and I've been able to enjoy them for ten weeks now :) Hopefully someday Elliot will fit into his 0-3 clothes... lol.

  2. Is he still only newborn size? He looks so big in his pictures. You have so many sweet clothes it's such a shame they grow out of them.


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