My dad got me a whole lot of watercolour pencils for christmas. Until then my art stores were very limited. I did a painting course at uni so had lots of paint and brushes but missed the wonderful fun of using pencils.

I wanted to draw some pictures to frame for our little girls room and thought of the idea of drawing lots of little girls doing different fun and adventurous things. Our little girl could look at them and get ideas of what to do that day.

I've drawn some already. I have six frames so I figure I can draw a lot and then choose the six I like the best to frame.

What type of little girl were you?


  1. How about climbing a tree.
    With her dog.
    Playing music.
    Making a coral reef in her bedroom.
    The cubby.
    Riding her bike.
    Flying kites.
    The swing.
    At the ice cream shop.
    Going exploring down the creek.
    Cooking biscuits and cakes.
    Horse riding.
    Going fishing.
    At the beach.

  2. sounds familiar.

    lots of happy memories.

  3. she might need to come to granny and poppys (mum said you like this name) house to do some of these.


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