i think i feel a flu coming on...

You know that tingly feeling in your throat?
The feeling of slightly blocked sinuses?
That very dull ache in your head?
That drowsy feeling that makes you doze a little when you aren't supposed to?

I've got that right now. It feels like the very beginnings of a flu.

I'm actually pretty lucky. Till the little one comes I have very little to do except make sure the house is all ready for her arrival.
SO this morning I had a nice sleep in, ate some porridge for breakfast and got some vitamin c into my system.

I hope this hint of the flu doesn't turn into the full blown thing. I don't much fancy being fluey in labour.

My hands and feet are still ridiculously itchy. I've tried cool baths, oatmeal baths, Alpha Keri ointment, rest and elevation, walking in only rubber thongs, walking in bare feet and I've been trying not to scratch them. Really I have.

Nothing really seems to work very well.

Boo hoo.

One thing that makes me smile though is this little baby girl doing what looks like palates in the womb. All of a sudden one section of my belly will be pushed right up into the sky like there is a whole knee being pressed into one spot. It will stay there for a bit then come back down. It's pretty amazing and if I didn't know there was a baby in there I would probably be worried about some kind of "Alien" reenactment.

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